Belinda Martineau: Genetically Engineered Proteins Regulated as Food Additives: Another Very Short List

Another excellent article by Belinda Martineau along the lines of her previous article, “Genetically Engineered Foods in the U.S. that have been Labeled: A Very Short List

Biotech Salon

Regulation of most genetically engineered (GE) foods is currently not required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  However, because many developers of GE foods have voluntarily consulted with the FDA about their products (and records of those consultations can be found on FDA’s web site) one can get a pretty good idea of the kinds of proteins being added to our food through the use of genetic engineering.

During the last 18 years most of the proteins added to food or feed products through genetic engineering confer resistance to pests like corn rootworm or viruses like papaya ringspot or herbicides like 2,4-D.  A few are meant to alter the constitution of edible oils or proteins; Monsanto, for example, has added a gene to corn that increases levels of the amino acid lycine making corn a more “complete” protein for animal feed.  And Pioneer Hi-Bred International added…

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