Dr. Belinda Martineau: The Absurdity of Claiming that “All GMOs are Safe”

The title says it all: it is absurd to claim that all GMOs are safe. Mark Lynas has no formal education in science, and is a self-proclaimed former anti-GMO activist who was magically transformed by a genetically modified miracle! He was re-born and saw the “Biotech light.” Now he loves GMOs, even though he has no real understanding about any of the complexities that are tied to this subject (that didn’t stop Cornell’s Alliance for Science from putting him on a high pedestal of authority, though). His claim to fame as a newly enlightened and transformed biotech lover even enables him to publish bullshit in the New York Times. Lynas claims to be the “founder of the anti-GMO movement” – which is true in the same way that my claim to be the creator of the environmental movement is true: it isn’t. It requires a great degree of egoistic hubris and deception to throw that lie into the public arena (where it was easily debunked by people who knew him; by all accounts, he was a nonentity). Indeed, this opportunistic fraud has elevated his status from an unknown, irrelevant nobody and liar to a well-known, infamous liar and beloved pet of the biotech industry. Actually, in one sense, it is quite a shrewd career move, if you think about it: $$$. You can read more about this character and his …. great understanding about GMOs, etc. here:

Rebutting the Lynas Manifesto,” by GMWatch; January 11, 2013

Of Myths and Men: Mark Lynas and the intoxicating Power of Technocracy,” by Eric Holt-Giménez, Huffington Post; April 2, 2013

Fortunately, a real scientist and retired genetic engineer, Dr. Belinda Martineau (who holds multiple patents in that field and who helped develop the first FDA approved GMO) has no problem putting Lynas in his place. Lynas claims that all GMOs are safe, and that those who don’t think this is true are just as “anti-science” as those who don’t think climate change is real. Such absurdism is especially humorous because many of Lynas’ pro-GMO peers are climate-science deniers. (He better review his Biotech Propaganda Handbook before he speaks out again). Mark Lynas should have learned at least a minimum of science before he wrongly and stupidly made the absurd claim that all GMOs are safe. Of course, ignorance has not slowed him down and his support from the industry is stronger than ever. What does that tell you about the biotech industry?

Read Belinda’s article here: “The Absurdity of Claiming that ‘All GMOs are Safe’,” by Belinda Martineau, Biotech Salon; June 16, 2015

Biotech Salon

In an op-ed piece in The New York Times, Mark Lynas recently wrote that “There is an equivalent level of scientific consensus on both issues…that climate change is real and genetically modified foods are safe.”

But comparing the issues of climate change and genetically modified (GM; AKA genetically engineered, GE) foods in terms of “scientific consensus” is not a valid comparison.

Climate change is a phenomenon, a phenomenon being studied by many scientists, using many techniques, publishing many studies. Scientific consensus as to whether that particular phenomenon is real may be ascertained based on the resulting body of science.

GE food crops, on the other hand, are not a single phenomenon. They are the products of a technology. And it is not possible to ascertain whether all products–past, present and future–developed using a technology, any technology, are safe. And to make such a general claim is not scientific; it is absurd.

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