GMOs are not necessary to feed the World

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Ban GMOs Now.

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This is the Great Lie: Monsanto and other biotech supports have said for decades that GMOs are necessary to feed the world. There is no evidence for this at all; the evidence is clear that GMOs are NOT necessary to feed the world, but are detrimental to it in many ways. Yet, the propaganda has been so successful that this lie is believed to be a fact by many people. Even those who know nothing about GMOs have heard this lie and believe it is true, and journalists repeat it as though it were a given fact. It is not.

The solution to feeding the world is not based on GM crops, but on other types of agriculture, especially agroecology.

This document has links to reports, studies and articles that address feeding the world; one subject addresses the GMO myths and the other is providing non-GMO solutions, such as agroecological…

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