GMOs: The Best and Worst of 2015

You will laugh – you will cry – and you will wonder why – we have GMOs in the first place. This is shared from the main website:

Ban GMOs Now.

An (updated) look at some of the GMO highlights from 2015 including some of the best articles, reports and books that were published during 2015, and some highlights from notable moments and events.

Some of the best and most notable articles:

One of the best articles this year is from Dr. Belinda Martineau. Dr. Martineau is a (former) genetics engineer who has first-hand experience in helping to develop the first FDA approved GMO food (the Flavr Savr™ Tomato was approved in 1994). In her own words, “Belinda Martineau, Ph.D., once a crop genetic engineer, is now, based on her experience in industry and academics, a skeptic wary of ag biotech’s uncertainties.”

The Absurdity of Claiming that ‘All GMOs are Safe,’” By Dr. Belinda  Martineau, Biotech Salon (Blog); June 16, 2015.


But comparing the issues of climate change and genetically modified (GM; AKA genetically engineered, GE) foods in terms of “scientific consensus” is…

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