Failed Promises of GMOs

An brief but extensive examination many of the failed promises made by the biotech industry over the past two decades and the one those promise that was kept that does not benefit farmers or consumers at all. This is shared from the main website:

Ban GMOs Now.

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In my opinion, and I am hardly alone on this, the propaganda and propagation of GMOs is the greatest fraud in the history of science of the last few decades.

It is a 20 year failure of promises that were not kept: a failure to produce a higher yield; a failure to reduce herbicide and pesticides (an increase, instead); a failure to solve global hunger; a failure of the promise of a higher nutritional content (Golden Rice is 3500% less efficient than available alternatives. The promoters of Golden rice admit that it produces only 35 micrograms of Vitamin A per 100 mg of rice. The endless empty promises about providing more nutritious food are even more absurd when studies demonstrate that organic is more nutritious and that some GM crops have already been shown to be less sustainable than their  non-GMO counterparts.

The twenty year unwanted…

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