Russ: Boycott Simplot

Russ writes: “Contrary to the propaganda, RNAi technology is even more imprecise and incomprehensible to the developers than the older genetic engineering techniques were … RNAi continues all the problems with regular genetic engineering – mutations, scrambled genomes, chaotic protein and metabolite expression – and adds chaotic gene silencing effects. RNA interference uses double-strand RNA (dsRNA) to silence genes. Studies have already found evidence that at least some types of dsRNA in food can transfer to the genomes of mice and bees and cause silencing of their own genes. It’s also known that some novel dsRNA types survive cooking and digestion in humans and can be found circulating in the bloodstream.”



Here’s the necessary call:
Boycott Simplot.
Consumers as a group need to Boycott Simplot and speak with one loud voice that we’re doing so. If McDonald’s of all places is boycotting them, shouldn’t everyone? The campaigns have to ask and then pressure schools, restaurants, and other procurers to stop buying from Simplot.
Here’s a basic fact for the campaign to stress: Vegetatively propagated direct-food GMOs like potatoes are the most dangerous because 1. They’re direct food or just minimally processed, which means genetically modified and other mutated genetic fragments will be least broken down during processing; 2. Since they’re clones they carry along unexpurgated ALL the mutations of the entire genetic engineering process. (As opposed to crops like maize where the original genetically engineered plants then may have been back-crossed with another variety, and therefore may have had some of the mutations bred out of…

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