GMO Information: May 29, 2016

“It is time to stop treating groups like the National Academy of Sciences as genuine scientists when all they do is promote products with propaganda that will further the ecological destruction of the earth and continue to ruin lives. In the reviews that I have read, not one mentioned anything about how this report will be used as a propaganda tool to push GMOs further into the world with fewer regulations. Not one.”

This is shared from the main website:

Ban GMOs Now.

Jeff Kirkpatrick – Ban GMOs Now

What does the NAC report on GMOs have to do with Indian farmer suicides? Everything.

GMO Information May 29, 2016

First: More criticism of the absurd NAC report (‘GMOs are dreamy, wonderful things that are safe and not harmful to the environment’ – Our Motto “We don’t look, so we don’t see”)

GMOs Safe to Eat, Says Research Group That Takes Millions from Monsanto,” by Nadia Prupis, Common Dreams; May 18, 2016

New GE report misses its own point,” by Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, Pesticide Action Network; May 26, 2016

My comment: It is time to refer to the NAC report for what it truly is: a veiled advertising/propaganda promotional tool for GMOs (see my post GMO News Summary and More: May 25, 2016 – Ban GMOs Now). Criticisms of the report that don’t recognize this first and foremost are lacking an essential and critical point…

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