Haley Parent: My opinion on Genetically Modified Organisms: “You should be worried about the future generation of your food”

Haley Parent writes, “Technology is a blessing and a curse. If we are going to choose to implement new technologies such as genetic modification of our crops, we need to know the long-term effects of this technology before we put it into the bodies of our people. The intended purpose of GMOs is inaccurate, making them now just simply a source for big corporation profit, health issues, and environmental degradation. By letting corporations take over our food industry we have completely disrupted the local healthy way of distributing food, and instead given too much power to big business, who is not concerned with our health and environment.”

haley parent

Technologies are typically intended to better our modern world and create a safer, healthier environment. However, some technologies in the food industry have become the exact opposite. Examining the controversy over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), we find ourselves asking, “is this new technology hurting the natural quality of our food and long-term economic and ecological resources?” What you put into your body is a personal decision, however you should have the right to make that decision. The lack of labeling in regards to GMOs is not only an economic, environmental, and health phenomena, but also an ethical dilemma as well. According to the Center for Food Safety, over 64 countries require labeling for genetically modified food (Just Label It Campaign). The dangers of GMOs has now spread far beyond the idea of simply a disconnect between what is in our food, and into more complex issues such as why our…

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