Sinéad Corcoran: Terminator seeds, the right to food, corporate responsibility, business and human rights

“As a threat to local crops but also entire seed systems, V-GURTs [Terminator seeds] are a substantial threat to global plant genetic diversity and ultimately a threat to global food security. Potentially it could so be concluded that it is the obligation of ALL state parties to prevent the progress of V-GURT technologies in the interest of the right to food of the entire global population.”

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Genetic Use Restriction Technologies (GURTs) are methods of genetically modifying seeds so that plants do not pass on certain enhanced GM characteristics to the next generation. The most commonly discussed form of GURTs are V-GURTs, often referred to as ‘terminator technologies’ which cause plants grown from V-GURT seeds to be sterile – they do not reproduce, thus resulting in only one yield from each seed.  The technology was developed with the intention of protecting the patent rights and profits of seed corporations by making it impossible for farmers to replant seeds, thus forcing them to buy new seed each year.

Though the real impact of V-GURTS is not fully known, the further development of the technology presents many serious concerns and potential dangers for the future of biodiversity and ecology as we know it. The progression of such technologies poses a legitimate threat to farmer’s rights, global development and…

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