Jeff Kirkpatrick: We need a Food Revolution

Food Revolution Now

We need a food revolution; the entire food system must be changed. The efforts to resist GMO labels by corrupt government officials that lasted for decades was systemic of a much greater problem that goes well beyond the right to know. This revolves around the patenting of seeds and the unjust and illogical legal decision1 to patent life; it must be overturned and the only way to do that is through political change. More than ever before our country is being hijacked by corporate interests. Our political system is polluted to the core; it is filled to the brim and overflowing with scum.

We must recognize that the decades’ long battle over GMO labels represented only one small facet of a much greater problem: the world’s food system is in the control of a handful of sociopathic corporations. While fighting for labels was always very important, even if there…

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