Jon Woodhouse: “New Pro GMO Doc Twists Facts to Support Big Ag”

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By now, many have heard of this pro-GMO propaganda film [“Food Evolution”] and the devious editing tactics they used when they refused to allow full statements in the film from various people who have expressed a variety of concerns about GMOs over the years. This fact alone should have been a red flag to major media outlets who have once again mistaken corporate propaganda for science, who have once again gulped down the Kool-Aid from the pro-GMO cultists. 2017 may very well be referred to as the “GMO Year of Propaganda.” Jon Woodhouse’s post is excellent. I also recommend these articles:

GMO Propaganda Evolution,” by Dr. Ena Valikov, Veterinary GMO Science Blog; June 28, 2017

‘Food Evolution’ Film: Propaganda and Pandering,” by Andrew Kimbrell, Center for Food Safety; June 23, 2017

Food Evolution, A New GMO Film, Pushes the Chemical Industry Agenda,” by Stacy Malkan, Food Revolution; June 23, 2017

Food Evolution GMO Film Showcases Chemical Industry Agenda,” by Stacy Malkan, HuffPost; June 15, 2017 [updated June 26, 2017]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Narrates New Doc ‘Food Evolution’: A Blatant Case of Monsanto Corporate Propaganda,” by Stacy Malkan, Alternet; June 20, 2017

‘Food Evolution’: Propaganda for Public Support of GMOs,” by Miguel Altieri, Food First; June 22, 2017

Response to UC Berkeley Early Screening of ‘Food Evolution’,” by Ahna Kruzic, Food First; June 16, 2017

Have the ‘Food Evolution’ Filmmakers Mistreated Moms?” by Zen Honeycutt, Alternet; July 1, 2017

GMO propaganda film: Food Evolution,” by Marion Nestle, Food Politics; June 21, 2017

This Documentary Wants to Teach People about GMOs, but Experts Call It Propaganda,” by Alex Swerdloff, MUNCHIES (VICE); June 30, 2017

“‘Science is science,’ declared my college biology professor, alluding to its own rigorous standards, openness, and integrity. Today, my response would be ‘not quite.’ For in the autocratic, commercially driven hands of multinational corporations, ‘science’ becomes the instrument of an overall business plan that results in serious corruptions of scientific attitude, method, and peer-reviewed accountability. This confidential, proprietary ‘corporate science’ closes off Alfred North Whitehead’s definition of science as ‘keeping options open for revision.’ It becomes … the central chattel in a comprehensive business strategy to corporatize global agriculture. This is accomplished through a remarkable matrix of controls and public subsidies that takes monopolizing corporate behavior and its wildcat offshoots to historically unforeseen depths of danger to people and planet.”  – Ralph Nader, forward, “The GMO Deception,” ed. S. Krimsky & J. Gruber (2014)



no-gmo21“Calm, careful, potentially revolutionary, “Food Evolution” is an iconoclastic documentary on a hot-button topic,” begins a laudatory Los Angeles Times review of a new pro-GMO doc. “Persuasive rather than polemical, it’s the unusual issue film that deals in counterintuitive reason rather than barely controlled hysteria.”

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