Doug Gurian-Sherman: “‘Food Evolution’ Documentary Supports GMOs, but Not Science, Part 2”

This post is shared from Dr. M. Jahi Chappell’s blog, AgroEcoDoc. Please click on the link below to read the entire post. This is the second part Doug Gurian-Sherman’s “brilliant take-down” (GMWatch) of the GMO propaganda film “Food Evolution”. The first part was published by Food Tank on October 24, 2017 – and it can be found HERE.


Beginning to End Hunger

Note: This article is the second part of a critical review of the widely-circulating documentary about GMOs titled “Food Evolution”. [See AgroEcoDoc’s take on the film, posted earlier on this blog, here.] The documentary is premised on the challenge of feeding an increasing population, and suggests that science shows that GMOs are clearly safe, have a lot to contribute to food security, and therefore should be developed. It is also premised on the claim that the film’s points are anchored in science, and therefore its conclusions should be accepted over those of activists and scientists who argue against GMOs. The two parts of this article attempt to show why many of the arguments advanced by the film are not just wrong, but the result of a biased examination of the evidence. Therefore, the film can be properly described, as it was by Marion Nestle of New York University, as…

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