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Jon Woodhouse: “New Pro GMO Doc Twists Facts to Support Big Ag”

Originally posted on MauiHawaiiTheWorld:
“Calm, careful, potentially revolutionary, “Food Evolution” is an iconoclastic documentary on a hot-button topic,” begins a laudatory Los Angeles Times review of a new pro-GMO doc. “Persuasive rather than polemical, it’s the unusual issue film that deals…

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Belinda Martineau: Scientific Uncertainty and Professional Ethics as Related to GMOs

Originally posted on Biotech Salon:
Fred Gould, the chairman of the committee that produced the most recent National Academies report on GMOs, and I were invited to speak at the third and final NSF-funded workshop on the topic of “Scientific…

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GMOs: The Best and Worst of 2016

GMOs are part of a broken food system that needs to undergo a paradigm shift; we need a food revolution. This is not just a fight against GMOs, but food justice – for everyone. Continue reading

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Jon Woodhouse: High Levels of Glyphosate Pesticide in Popular Food Products

Originally posted on MauiHawaiiTheWorld:
A study led by Food Democracy Now has found high levels of the pesticide glyphosate in many of America’s most popular food products. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, is the most heavily used chemical…

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The Functional Perspective: GMO pt 2 – Connecting the dots- BT Corn

This is a follow up from my previous post regarding GMO trends. How many know what BT corn is?  I have heard of GMO corn and I know it is modified to include insect repellent but beyond that didn’t really…

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